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Suit A, 3rd Floor, Real Tower Centre, 26, Ekukinam Street Utako Abuja.

We are bulk Buyer and Supplier of Agricultural Commodities
Locally and Internationally

Estabilished 2011. RC: 937345

We are Agricultural Commodity Trading Company

We are an agro commodity trading company focused on aggregating commodities from several smallholder farmers and performing basic value adding activities such as drying, sorting, cleaning and bagging etc. Then supplying to wholesale buyers and processors locally and internationally.

We are a Trader & Marketer of Raw Agricultural Commodities, Foodstuff and Agro-Allied Products We are working hard to position ourselves as a leading trader and merchant of Agro Commodities in Nigeria and eventually Africa We want to be a pioneering leader reshaping Agro Commodity trading through creative, profitable and value adding investment vehicles.

We deal with varieties of Agro Commodities

We sell amazing and quality agro products

Our Products

Our main product of trade at GoldForth Limited is Soya beans.

Paddy rice is “bran rice” used in producing polished rice.

African Gold Rice is our PREMIUM QUALITY LOCAL RICE.
N7,500/25kg Bag

Pictures they say speaks a thousand word

Our Activities

Integrated Business Model

Our Business model capture value across the agriculture commodity chain


We encourage increased production through our farmers outgrower scheme, where we ensure that farmers get necessary inputs such as improved seeds, fertilizers and agro chemicals.


Purchased commodities are cleaned, sorted, dried, graded bagged according to best practices and aggregated/stored under the best conditions in our warehouses.


We distribute agro commodities to all parts of Nigeria, neighbouring countries and the international markets (exports) and this we do very fast and efficiently. We also ensure we deliver quality products only

What Our

Clients Say.

"Gold Forth is a force to reckon with in the agro-commodity space. I have no regret selling my agro-commodities to them. They paid on time and always emphasize on quality"
Gana Mohammed
Buying Agent
"I have a dozen different agricultural investments but Gold-Orth's team are very knowledgeable in their field, professional and only look for the opportunities that promise good returns. Their well-calculated farm-to-mill strategy is very sound, to which their success is testament."
Alhaji Ahmed Yayababba
"I have been with Gold-Forth for over a year now and have done 2 investments. Gold-Forth is true to their word; prompt payments, good customer service and excellent service delivery."
Mrs Didi Obioh

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